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GEF Global Nutrient Cycle Project

Project: Global foundations for reducing nutrient enrichment and oxygen depletion from land based pollution, in support of Global Nutrient Cycle

The project is designed “to provide the foundations (including partnerships, information, tools and policy mechanisms) for governments and other stakeholders to initiate comprehensive, effective and sustained programmes addressing nutrient over-enrichment and oxygen depletion from land based pollution of coastal waters in Large Marine Ecosystems”.

The project aims to develop and apply quantitative modeling approaches: to estimate and map present day contributions of different watershed based nutrient sources to coastal nutrient loading and their effects; to indicate when nutrient over-enrichment problem areas are likely to occur; and to estimate the magnitude of expected effects of further nutrient loading on coastal systems under a range of scenarios.


Here you can find the GEF approved project documents:

PDF icon Project Document4 MB
PDF icon Project Budget256 KB
PDF icon CEOs Endorsement Letter512 KB
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