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The Nutrient Challenge

Nitrogen and phosphorous are two key nutrients. Together they play an important role in the global and local sustainable development agendas. The use of these nutrients is key to growing crops and thus to the world’s food security. However, in some parts of the world farmers do not have access to enough nutrients to grow crops and feed growing populations. But in many other parts of the world there is an ‘excess’ of nutrients in the environment as a result of industrial and agricultural activity and has profound impacts, from pollution of water supplies to the undermining of important ecosystems and the services and livelihoods they support.

‘How to promote effective nutrient management, minimising negative impacts on the environment and human health, while maximising their contribution to global sustainable development and poverty reduction?’

The Global Partnership on Nutrient Management (GPNM) has been launched to address this challenge. The GPNM is a global partnership of governments, scientists, policy makers, private sector, NGOs and international organisations. The Partnership recognised the need for strategic advocacy and co-operation at the global level in order to communicate and trigger productive discussion not only on the complexity of the nutrient challenge but also the opportunities for cost effective policy and investment interventions by countries.