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This is the "Framework Code for Good Agricultural Practice for Reducing Ammonia Emissions” by the Economic Commission of Europe (ECE) Long-range Transboundary Air Pollution (LRTAP), Task Force on Reactive Nitrogen.

The SMAP (Smallholder Farmers Access to Phosphorus) is a joint project of CGA, University of Eldoret, University of Egerton, Local Farmers, Phosphorus Traders and Financial Institutions.

Environmental Research Letters publication by Bouwman et al (2013) on the role of mariculture in the nutrient enrichment of coastal zones. Direct link to a video abstract:

Policy Brief describing the possible role of eutrophication in exacerbating the effects of increased atmospheric CO2 concentrations on ocean acidification.

The Chilika Lake Ecosystem Health Report Card helps to understand the fluxes of nutrients in the Chilika Lake and estimating e.g. the overall water quality status.

World Resources Report about a great balancing act: meet different human needs and reduce environmental impacts.