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GPNM-GW2I training Maputo, December 2018 GEF IWC9 Nutrient Clinic presentation, Marrakech, Morocco GEF 9th International Waters Conference, Marrakech, Morocco, November 2018 GPNM Technical Exchange to Lake Naivasha Kenya, September 2018 SDG14.1 Marine Pollution Indicators Experts Meeting, Paris, September 2018 Sustainable Phosphorus Summit, Brasilia, August 2018 Global Soils Pollution Symposium, May 2018 GEF-INMS Third Plenary meeting - Edinburgh, April 2018 Pollution and coral reef conservation - Sri Lanka SDG14 Marine nutrient pollution indicator work group meeting Dec 2017 UNEA3 UNDESA Marine Pollution side event Dec 2017 SACEP/UNEP-GPNM Meeting on nitrogen pollution at UNEA-3 Dec 2017 Naivasha flower farm wastewater recycling Dec 2017 3rd Asia-Pacific Water Summit Yangon, Myanmar. 11-12 December 2017 Second Cavite Water Summit, Tagatay, Philippines Nov 2017 Laguna de Bay, Philippines Nov 2017 GPNM Steering Committee Meeting, The Hague Apr 2017 7th International Nitrogen Initiative Conference, Melbourne, Australia Dec 2016 GEF 'Towards INMS' Project launch event Dec 2016 GPNM-GWI MOOC Advisory Committee meeting, May 2016 UNEA Green Room Event - Sargassum in West Africa and the Caribbean, May 2016 GPNM Nutrient Management Roundtables at IWC8, May 2016 GPNM Caribbean Nutrient Management Platform meeting, Trinidad & Tobago, February 2016 GEF-Global Nutrient Cycling Project project steering committee meeting, February 2016 GPNM Asia Regional Nutrient Management Platform meeting, Viet Nam, November 2015 GPNM Phosphorus Task Team meeting, Edinburgh, Scotland  September 2015 GEF-Global Nutrient Cycling Project. Chilika Lake, India stakeholder training, July 2015