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Founded in 1973, the Nagarjuna group with an asset base of US$ 2.5 billion, is a prominent industrial house in India. The group has significant presence in agri-business particularly in plant nutrition, micro-irrigation systems with prominent investments in the energy sector, primarily in fuels (petroleum refining) and also in power generation (both natural gas & hydel power based). The group is guided by the Founder’s (Late Mr. KVK Raju) philosophy of “Serving Society through Industry”. 

Nagarjuna Fertilizers and Chemicals Ltd. (NFCL) originally conceived in 1974 by Shaw Wallace group, was handed over to Nagarjuna group in 1985. NFCL is the first gas based fertilizer plant with commercial production of urea and ammonia through world class production facilities spread over 450 hectares at Kakinada, in the East Coat of Andhra Pradesh, South India. NFCL sell 2.6 m. t. of urea and also markets wide range of plant nutrition products viz., DAP, MOP, zinc sulphate, micronutrient mixes, 100% water soluble fertigation products, growth regulators and organic fertilizers under the brand name “Nagarjuna”, a synonym for quality, trust and well being among its’ customers, delivered through a strong dealer network of over 4200 spread across the country. Two-thirds of the NFCL plant site at Kakinada is completely developed as a ‘green belt’ with over 0.25 million trees preserving 175 plant species; water bodies with marine life, birds and wild animals signifies a humble tribute towards our philosophy of ‘industry in harmony with nature’. NFCL has implemented a comprehensive environment plan in the fertilizer plant, resulting in near zero pollution of air, water through treatment of chemical pollutants, recycling and effective effluent control. The company was concentrating on saving the energy and working towards conserving electricity, water, gas by way of increasing efficiency in various plant operations, signifying as one of the lowest energy consuming plants in the world. The plant is recognized with several awards. 

While supporting Government’s food and nutritional security missions, NFCL is committed to strike a balance between improving crop productivity, farm income on one side and preserving soil health and clean environment on the other side. This has been driving force for the business model based on values and principles. Site-specific plant nutrition solutions and services are given prime importance with a motto to deliver customized plant nutrition products and provide services to farmers. Effectively utilizing cutting edge technologies through in-house R&D and scientific collaborations, NFCL is capable of delivering customized fertilizers which are farmer friendly, crop and location specific plant nutrition products. 

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