GEF-Global Nutrient Cycling (GNC) project

The project is designed “to provide the foundations (including partnerships, information, tools and policy mechanisms) for governments and other stakeholders to initiate comprehensive, effective and sustained programmes addressing nutrient over-enrichment and oxygen depletion from land based pollution of coastal waters in Large Marine Ecosystems”.

Brazil Study: Case Study on Nutrient Management Valuation in Rondonópolis Municipality in the Upper Pantanal Region of South America

This study was to evaluate good nutrient practices in agriculture systems in the Brazilian Pantanal Region, specifically: Investigating options for improvement of Nutrients Use Efficiency (NUE); and quantifying the multiple costs & benefits of nutrients management.

GEF-International Nitrogen Management System

At the moment the International Nitrogen Management System (INMS)' is a project proposal to the Global Environment Facility (GEF) Trust Fund.

Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO- Harmful Algal Bloom Program (HABS)

The overall goal of the IOC HAB Programme is to foster the effective management of, and scientific research on, harmful algal blooms in order to understand their causes, predict their occurrences, and mitigate their effects